About the game:

Become the richest in crypto world!

Multiplayer game based on popular game Monopoly. Cryptopoly becomes exciting with the additional features to diversify the gameplay. The goal is to remain the only non-bankrupt player.

The player can go to such Squares during the game:

From Home to The moon!


START(HOME). On Start Square you receive a reward.

To the moon.

- To the moon. Here you gain unexpected profit from the sudden growth of all tokens!


While entering the Jail Square, you moves to the opposite part of the field to the FBI Square.


If you are on FBI Square, you are going to jail.


- HOLD. Skip the next move.

Pump & Dump

Pump & Dump. Be ready for different surprises :)


SCAM. You must pay penalties ("Pay")


If you hit the Reverse Square, in the next move you have to go backward.

How to play?

There a few options to participate: to create a new game, to join an existing game or to invite a friend to join the game.

To start a new game press "Create a game". A window with the creation settings will pop up, where you can specify the game name, gamy type (standard, team 2x2), the number of players from 2 to 5 people (for standard game), gold rate and a password for private game.

You can join an existing game by clicking the "Play" button in the Lobby list. You can join an 2x2 game by pressing "+" sign to play for a certain team.

You can invite a friend to 1x1 game (one versus one) by picking a selected friend in the friends list and choosing "Invite to the game" option. For a 2x2 game - by choosing "Invite into pair".

Game start

All player's pawns are lined up at the "Home" point. Afterwards, moves are made in turns and the pawns change their position depending on the points from your dice rolls.  

At the beginning of the game each player has a start-up of 300,000 dollars.

At the bottom of the map players are lined up according to their move sequence. Each player has a special game colour.

Game play

"Rolling the dice" makes the player's pawns move on the field. The player's move should be made in 60 seconds. The current player's move is watched by the countdown indicator. When the player rolls a double, the player will move one more time. When there are three doubles in a row the player will be arrested by FBI.

"Buy" button allows you to buy the ICO, provided it does not belongs to anyone.

"Auction". Exhibiting ICO for auction. In this case, ICO can be purchased by other players.

«Mortgage» carries a mortgage of your ICO. For example, you can mortgage it when there is not enough money to pay your debts.

"Buy out" means you can buy out your mortgage ICO. As a rule, buying out is more expensive than the mortgage itself.

"Build" button allows you to create Branches and Holdings. Constructing is possible only if you have an absolute Cryptopoly.

"Sell" means the sale of Branches and Holdings. It can be necessary to sell Branches and Holdings in order to top up your balance and pay your debts.

«Make a Deal" (located at the bottom of the field above each player) allows to exchange, sell or purchase ICO between players.

"Take a loan" (only for VIP account). There is an opportunity to take credit from crypto fund worth 300 000 dollars. Credit money is given for 15 moves, and then you must return them to the crypto fund («Repay the loan").

«Give up» player exits the game process as a bankrupt. After clicking, all purchased ICOs become free for other players to purchase them in the game. In the 2x2 game, every ICOs goes to the partner player.

If you enter a free square with an ICO that is not owned by anyone, you can buy this ICO. Besides, you can put the ICO on the Auction and the ICO goes to player who offered the highest price.

Players who have an ICO can charge rents from players who stop on their Square. If your pawn goes to Square that is controlled by another player, you have to pay the rent for staying on this Square.

As soon as you have an absolute Cryptopoly (several companies with the same color) you have the opportunity to build Branches and Holdings ("Build"). While building branches and holdings, the rent rises significantly, so you should build it on as many Squares as possible. You can build only one object with one move in Cryptopoly.

You can sell as many Branches and Holdings as you want with one move.

If you need money to pay any debts, you can mortgage your ICO («Mortgage»), sell your Affiliates ("Sell") or take a loan ("Take a loan»).

Have fun!

Fight to be one of the richest crypto investors!